Home Improvement Marketing Services

We help remodeling businesses expand without the stress of managing a marketing team, even in uncertain times.

Home Improvement and Remodelling Marketing Services

An all-encompassing solution designed to turbocharge your service-based business’ growth. With a powerhouse combination of cutting-edge services to expand your business’ reach and elevate your success to new heights.

LeadRocket Blitz
Google & Facebook Ads

Get ready for immediate impact with our LeadRocket Blitz Google & Facebook Ads service—a fully managed PPC campaign that swiftly drives leads to your business.

PowerRank SEO

A dynamic solution that turbocharges your website’s visibility and authority. By kickstarting with meticulous keyword and competitor research, we tailor an SEO strategy guaranteed to yield results.

Funnel Driving Email Marketing

A personalized approach to nurturing your email subscribers and igniting their interest in your products and services. We ensure your email campaigns resonate with your audience and drive results.

SocialBoost Social Media Management

A comprehensive solution designed to elevate your social media presence to new heights. To truly make an impact, consistency is key, and our team ensures your business remains omnipresent across all platforms.

Bookbot Pro AI Appointment Setter

Our custom-built website AI chatbot will get trained on everything about your business and your services, so they can answer any questions thrown at them by prospective clients. Not only will it answer their questions, but it will also measure how warm or cold they are as a lead.

TrustShield Reputation Management

It only takes one bad review to chase many future customers away. Avoiding negative reviews is your job while ours is to make sure that if one does slip through the cracks, it doesn’t become a big deal and that your reputation as the leader in your industry and area remains watertight.

PerfectPresenter Webinars

Don’t worry if you’ve never delivered a webinar before, our team will guide you through the whole process step by step.
We will create the script and presentation for you, set up the online meeting, and handle the technical side.

Website Renovation & Unlimited Support

Not only will we give your website a complete visual makeover to impress your prospective clients with its aesthetics, but we will also update all your copy to increase conversions. Since a website should never remain static, our team will be available to make any copy changes or other content updates to your site. This support is unlimited.

Virtual Consultations

Doing virtual consultations can also make your own operations more efficient since it doesn’t require you to even travel to the client. We will get you set up with simple free software and train you on how it works so you can deliver your consultations online and you don’t have to worry about the complicated tech stuff.

We’re Not Your Average Marketing Agency!

Unlike traditional marketing agencies that fragment their services into separate offerings, we take a holistic approach. We understand that success in marketing isn’t achieved through piecemeal efforts; it requires comprehensive strategies and unwavering commitment. As Grant Cardone famously said, “Failure comes from not enough action!” We’ve taken this principle to heart, ensuring that our clients receive the full spectrum of services needed to drive exceptional results.

Our all-encompassing service offering ensures that we leave no stone unturned in promoting your business. From crafting compelling online campaigns to optimizing your website for maximum visibility, we’re dedicated to delivering tangible outcomes for our clients.

See What Others Think About Us!

Expert Service

Highly recommended - We found Johan extremely professional, polite and pleasant to deal with. He's highly skilled, knowledgeable and experienced in what he does. More importantly, we found Johan very honest and credible. He's not someone that's after a quick service sale and does not upsell at all. He will give you the facts, your options and his service offering within your budget, giving you all the information you require to make an informed decision. Johan is a complete expert at what he does and is a highly recommended trusted partner.

Extra Mile

Johan and his social media and website design team are on top of their game and offer a very personalised one on one service that goes the extra mile without a doubt. I highly recommend Expandify AI.


I highly recommend Johan and his team. Very professional and definitely the company to go to for excellent service and performance. Very affordable rates.


Expandify AI is exactly what a software company should be about! Professional, quick and knowledgeable! I highly recommend these guys to take care of your digital requirements!

Outstanding Quality

These guys are a class act. They managed to address all of my web and app concerns and most importantly the public love the website! I highly recommend them!

Dedicated Troubleshooter

Devoted problem solver, keeps going until problem is fixed, fixes things others can’t, highly recommended.

Find Out Why You Might Be Losing Customers

Take advantage of our Free Online Visibility Audit – the perfect starting point on your journey to success. During this personalized session, we’ll delve into your website and other online marketing facets, providing actionable insights and strategies tailored to your business’s unique needs.

Ready to take the next step towards transforming your service-based business? Schedule your appointment with Expandify AI today and let’s embark on this journey together. Your success is our priority.

“Failure comes from not enough action!”

– Grant Cardone

Experience the Power of AI with Expandify AI

Our commitment to innovation doesn’t stop at traditional marketing strategies. At Expandify AI, we leverage cutting-edge artificial intelligence to revolutionize the way businesses connect with their customers and streamline their business management.

In today’s digital landscape, where 81% of consumers seek information online before making a purchase, it’s crucial to capture leads efficiently. With our proprietary AI technology, we ensure that potential clients visiting your website receive prompt and accurate responses to their inquiries, eliminating the risk of losing them to competitors. Trained to understand your services and procedures inside out, this AI not only addresses queries but also assesses lead quality, guiding warm prospects toward booking appointments seamlessly.